White Orchid – Slot machine

white orchid slotmachine IGT

White Orchid is a slot machine developed by IGT (WagerWorks). It was released in 2010. It is a few years old and that shows. The slot has not aged very well. It feels old when you play it. The graphics and mechanics feel outdated. The game is however despite this fun to play. This slot is a lot better than it deserves to be. The whole is a lot better than the parts. I do not recommend that you try this slot if you like modern, polished slot machines. You are unlikely to like it. If you like more retro slot machines, then this game is a great choice.

White orchid from IGT can be hard to find, only a small percentage of all online casinos feature the slot machines. Casinos that feature the game at the time this is written include GUTS Casino, VideoSlots Casino, Grosvenor Casino, and BetFred Casino.

white orchid logoThe White Orchid slot machine is themed around orchids and the tropics. The only orchid featured in the game is the white orchid featured on the wild symbol. It is unclear what type of orchid this is supposed to be. It looks like a Cattleya species or perhaps a whitened vanilla orchid. Other symbols in the game include a native man and woman, different animals such as a frog and a jaguar, and letter symbols.

The game features wilds, scatters and free spins. You can get up to a maximum of 130 free spins

The slot is only available for desktop casinos. It is not available for Mobile casinos.

1064 pay lines

One of the things that set this slot apart from most others is that it features a total of 1064 ways to win. 40 regular pay lines as well as 1024 other ways you can win. You do not have to play all the 1064 ways to win but if you do it will cost you double the amount it cost to play the 40 pay lines. Playing the 1064 ways will however provide you with 25x more value so you should always play all 1064 ways. Not doing so will dramatically decrease your chance of winning money on this slot. The slot gives you the option to play less than 1064 ways but it punishes you severally if you decide to not do so by reducing the payback ratio if you play less than 1064 ways.

The payback ratio is 95.03% if you play 1064 ways. Considerable less if you decide to play only a few pay lines. 95.03% is not bad but there are many modern slots that offer considerably better paybacks of between 98% and 99%. Try a slot machine from NetEntertainment if you want to find a slot machine with a better payback ratio.

How much can you win

How much money you can win depends on how much you bet. The higher coin value you use when you play, the more money you can win. The lowest possible coin value is $0.01, and the highest possible coin value is $1.

White orchid does not offer any progressive jackpot. The biggest possible win on a single pay line is 5000 coins. You can win a lot more on an individual spin if you have more than one winning pay line. The highest possible win that you can get is listed as being 25 000 000 coins. I have not been able to confirm this. If this is true, then you can win up to 25 million on a single spin but the odds of doing so is astronomically small.

Should you play white orchid

I never recommend that you play any casino game. To do so is likely to lose you money. (Unless you play for free using virtual money) It is better not to gamble. If you already enjoy online gambling than my answer to the question of whether you should play this game or not is slightly different. There is a lot of other fun slot machines that are objectively better than this slots, and I recommend that you try them first. Especially those that offer a better pay back ratio. It is a fun slot, but not worth trying unless you know that you like old school retro video slots.