Green cymbidium orchid


A lot of people seems to be searching for green cymbidium orchids so I thought I would share some basic information on the topic.

General information

Cymbidium is a genus in the orchid family. It contains 52 different orchid species and the flowers come in an amazing array of different colors, including white, cream, yellow, pink, red, brown, green, and greenish-yellow. Since green flowers are fairly uncommon, the green cymbidium orchids have become very popular in the floral trade. Several different species in this genus can produce green flowers, such as the Green-flowered Cymbidium (Cymbidium chloranthum) from Malaysia and the Green-flowered Peacock Orchid (Cymbidium lancifolium), also known as the Lance-leafed Cymbidium, which grows in tropical and subtropical Asia. Cymbidium lancifolium is known as Nagiran in Japan and the name means “orchid that looks like Nagi”. Nagi is the plant Podocarpus nagi, a type of confier.


Cymbidium chloranthum develops upright spikes, which sets it apart from most other epiphytic orchids since pendulous spikes are much more common on orchids growing on trees. The scape of this green cymbidium orchid is 40-45 cm long and develops 15-25 flowers. The flower is roughly 3 cm in size and of a yellow green color.

Cymbidium lancifolium is a green cymbidium orchid that flowers twice a year. It flowers readily and the scape can be anywhere from 7 to 35 cm in length. The scape develops 2-8 flowers and the flowers are 2.5-5 cm in size. The flower color ranges from green to white, and the flowers are decorated with red veins and spots.


Cymbidium chloranthum is a green cymbidium orchid that grows on trees in the forest, where they are shaded by the canopy. It must therefore be protected from strong sun, since strong sun can scorch the sensitive leaves.

Cymbidium lancifolium grows in evergreen forests where the trees have broad-leaves, and it is therefore used to deep shade. Try to mimic these conditions in your home and protect your green cymbidium orchid from the harsh sun.

Watering and humidity

The green cymbidium orchid known as Cymbidium chloranthum needs plenty of moist since it is native to humid tropical forests.

Cymbidium lancifolium is a green cymbidium orchid that grows best in a warm and humid environment, since this resembles its native evergreen forests. If the air in your home is dry, you can use a pebble dish to bring up the humidity. The waterings must be adjusted to suit the air humidity.


Cymbidium chloranthum grows on trees in the wild. This green cymbidium orchid should therefore never be planted in ordinary potting soil, since this will destroy its roots. Use a coarse orchid mix or mount the orchid on a piece of tree.

Cymbidium lancifolium is a terrestrial green cymbidium orchid, which means that it grows in soil instead of growing on trees or rocks. Its roots are therefore more apt at handling moist soil and they will not rot away as easily as the roots of orchids that grow in trees or rocks. It is known to grow well in a fairly well-drained potting medium such as bark or pumice.