Cattleya walkeriana


Name: Cattleya walkeriana

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Cattleya walkeriana is a compact orchid with short, jointed pseudobulbs.


Provide your orchid with bright light and good air circulation.


The flower size for this orchid is up to 4 1/2 inches (12 cm). The flowers are flat, way and heavily textured and they emit a fragrance. Rose purple flower coloration. The lip colour is the same as the petal colour or a bit darker. There are several additional color forms available, including a white clone. The bloom season is late winter, spring and summer.


Cattleya walkeriana should be kept on the dry side since it is prone to root rot.


Let the orchid rest after the blooming season and do not fertilize it during this period.


Cattleya walkeriana is usually mounted on cork slabs or similar. Can also be grown in a medium that drains very fast, such as coarse bark nuggest.


Division of tubers, rhizomes, corms or bulbs (including offsets). Cattleya walkeriana can also be grown from seed if germinated in vitro in agar, gelatin or similar. Collect ripening seeds by bagging seedheads. Sow immediately.


Native to Brazil. When it comes to temperature, the Cattleya walkeriana orchid likes intermediate to warm conditions. Unlike other Cattleya orchids, Cattleya walkeriana does not develop its flower in a sheath at the top of the pseudobulb. The flower is instead developed from a short stem that grows from the base of the last pseudobulb.