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5 Benefits Of Plants In The Office – Comfortable Offices

plant in the officeIn their own unexplainable way, plants add a lot of things to an office. For one, it gives a homely touch of home, while adding color at the same time. However, aside from this, there are also some distinct advantages to it, making several businesses decide having them inside.

Let’s look at 5 benefits of having plants in the office:

Increases Productivity

Studies show that productivity is improved inside an environment where there are plants. This particularly is advantageous to offices, as focus, concentration and cognitive tasks are improved. Thus, productivity also increases inside the workplace. Studies also show that fewer mistakes are being made, while tasks are completed even faster. This higher concentration level may be contributed by the ability of the plants to reduce excess presence of carbon dioxide in the air.

Reduces Stress

plant in the office 2By bringing in plants in your office, stress is apparently reduced. This also includes a significant reduction in depression, fatigue, tension and anger among employees. Offices seem more calming and nicer when there are plants. They become more colorful, interesting and relaxing. These effects are not just really psychological, but also visual, as plants allow us to perceive the surroundings even better, feeling more comfortable as a result. You can find the top desk chairs on

Reduces Absence and Sickness

plant in the office 3With plants inside the office, there have been reports of a reduced absenteeism rate of up to 50%, while minor illnesses are reduced by 30%. A reduction in absence and sickness ultimately translates to better productivity and costs.


A Better Working Environment

plant in the office 4A lot of people will certainly agree that a workplace that has plants becomes a nicer place for employees. Since employees spend most of their time in these places, it is very important that their comfort should be given utmost priority. These office plans will not just improve the office surroundings for these employees, while offering a place that is very welcoming for clients.

Cleaner Air

With the use of plants inside offices, air quality is expected to be improved. Carbon dioxide is significantly reduced, alongside other components in the air, such as bacteria, dust and mold. All of these may be harmful when inhaled by employees. Aside from these natural components in air, there are also other manmade toxins inside an office, with all of them coming as a byproduct of furniture, paint, plastics, carpet cleaning products.

Office Chairs – Choosing the Best

office chairsAside from introducing plants to your office, the selection of office chairs also play a big role when it comes to ensuring comfort inside. You cannot just get any chair for your office, as you definitely need to consider some other factors while choosing.

For individuals who work in office, choosing office chairs that are very comfortable and amazing is definitely advisable. It is very important because it takes away all the stress that you may be experiencing, pretty much giving you the same results that you enjoy by having plants inside your office.

Taking into consideration the basics of the structure of an office chair is very important, including the space that is available in a work station. It is not just enough to pick one that is comfortable, but you also need to select a size that can fit well. Office chairs should let the users sit down, and perform their tasks comfortably, while allowing them to easily switch from one position to a different one.

office chairsA good quality office chair is one with an adjustable armrest. This important part of the chair will support the size and weight of the user. This will also hold the extra weight coming from the back. It should also be on the similar level of the working table so that you can easily rest your elbow as you use your keyboard.

Bottom Line

By having plants inside your office, and choosing the right office chairs, you can expect comfort while you are working. After all, your health, and your convenience should be given priority all the time. Any business organization should consider investing in these good office chairs, while putting some plants inside as this will easily make the lives of employees even better.



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