Water Saving Shower Heads to Use Your Water Efficient

water efficientSelecting a good shower to use your water in an efficient way seems like a very challenging task, but not an impossible one at that. Just like with other things in life, there are challenges associated with it. One thing that needs to be recognized is that there are actually different usage needs among people, both men and women.

The Right Shower Head for Your Needs

womenMen and women, in general, usually have different steps that they usually perform as part of their routines every day. For example, women love their showers, naturally. As such, they usually take their time longer, washing themselves well. There are even some who wash themselves a lot of times.

It is even said that they get their much needed relaxation when they shower. They wash, shampoo, apply scrubs, and do other things that most men do not really understand. Women love spending a long time in the shower and they really like it.

On the other hand, men view shower as a necessity on their part. It is even viewed as a task that needs to be completed as efficiently and quickly as possible. For this reason, a good shower head for women may not really be the best for a man.

gentle water flowFirst, let us consider what a woman would look for in a shower head. Usually, women want a gentle water flow. A strong flow of water will not give them the relaxation that they are looking for. As such, it is often a good bet to buy a model which comes with multiple settings so that the appropriate water flow may be dialed in to pamper and soothe.

On top of the flow of water, women also look closely into functionality and design. For such reason, they would usually want to have a shower head which is both stylish, while blending well with other fixtures inside your bathrooms.

On the other hand, men focus on actual shower head efficiency. They usually want a shower head which offers a strong water flow. They just need lathering up, blasting all away, and finish right away. Unlike women, men do not care about the style and design of a shower head, or how well it actually blends with the environment. They only need water to clean them up.

Only looking at these factors, it is clear that if you are searching for a shower head, you need to consider the user. If it is one that will be used by a lot of people, going for a shower head model that is adjustable is the best option to go. These models usually have dial type settings which will allow you to adjust the flow of water.

Shower Heads for Efficient Water Use

dial settingOn the other hand, if water efficiency is your actual goal, you also need to choose a shower head that is designed for this goal. As mentioned earlier, you can choose a shower head that comes with dial type settings. This will allow you set the flow of water according to your preferences and needs.

Whichever model that you end up choosing, you need to spend some time in examining the materials as well as the shower head construction. Make sure that you get a good quality of shower head model which will last for several years. A few bucks upfront is a good investment on your part.

DIY Shower Head

If you are looking for that shower head that will save you a good amount of water, but would not want to spend on a commercial shower head model, you can also invest in a home DIY project. It will not just save you money, but it will also allow you to control the design and efficiency of your shower head.

If you do not have the skill to complete the project, you can refer to some instructions and tutorials that are available online. Better yet, as a more convenient option, you can just get a water efficient shower head at your nearest store, and use it the way you want it, while saving water at the same time.

Waste & Recycling Information Guide for Fertilizers

waste managementWaste management is a term coined for the monitoring or supervision of waste disposal and recycling. The procedure involves start from the collection, to the processing, and reusing or recycling used products.

Poor waste management may lead to land contamination, as well as its commodity sources, such as water reservoirs and pipelines. When uncontrolled, contamination may eventually result to skin conditions, including diarrhea, skin diseases, hepatitis, as well as other health-related issues.

For this reason, proper garbage disposal should be given priority and consideration.

Garbage Disposals

garbage disposal Garbage, in general, may be categorized into two groups: biodegradable and non-biodegradable. It is quite easy to recognize biodegradable garbage products, since they are organic in nature. This means that they can easily decay.

Examples of these biodegradable waste include leftover food, fruit peels, and paper. They need to be separated accordingly from other waste items that do not decay, including plastic bags, crumpled papers, plastic, as well as glass bottles. Proper segregation of these categories make it easier to reuse and recycle them.

waste managementProper waste disposal and recycling are very important practices in waste management. There are several reusing and recycling centers in communities, and household reusing and recycling can also be implemented accordingly. For example, biodegradable items may be buried in compost pits. They can turn out to be amazing fertilizers for plants in gardens.

On the other hand, non-biodegradables, or those that cannot be recycled into fertilizers are usually sent to recycling centers, where they may be reprocessed as new substances and materials that can be used again for other use. Other materials that can be recycled include paper, which may then be turned to new paper products, as well as polymers.

Generally, recycling centers and facilities can help with proper garbage disposals and recycling. As a household owner, proper segregation and preparation for collection are the first steps that need to be taken into consideration for waste collection and management.

From Garbage to Fertilizer

grow foodFarming and gardening at home have been considered as a good way to produce food. However, since the earliest times where natural methods were used, the world population has increased several folds, making it difficult to maintain healthy methods of growing food.

For this reason, fertilizers have played an essential part in growing crops that are considered beneficial. In order for the entire population of the world to survive every day, we need to come up with a stable source of food which can feed, not just the growing population, but even our family as well. Since most of the crops are actually grown, fertilizers are also in demand.

In order to balance things out, and to avoid spending a lot of money on fertilizers at the same time, why not use wastes as your fertilizer? It is a necessary thing that you need to do. In order to make things even better, going green is a good way to take.

fertilizierThese wastes may come from your garbage at home, or even from animal wastes. Regardless of the type of these wastes, they can be used as fertilizers for your garden. Fertilizers may be directly applied even without having to go through some complicated process.

Of course, you may have to spend some money in order to prepare the needed setup, but it can turn out to be a worthwhile investment on your part. Think about the savings that you can expect through time. If you do not want to spend a lot, you can also prepare your own compost pit in preparing fertilizers.

The process of composting involves breaking down some organic materials such as grass, leaves, as well as vegetable scraps into a substance that is quite similar to soil. These substances are loved by plants. Applying compost to the soil of your garden is beneficial. For one, it helps feed your plants with the needed nutrients. On top of that, if the compost is filled with nutrients, you can also prevent the development of soil diseases.

Rather than purchasing fertilizers and spending a good amount of money on these commercial options, you can create your own fertilizer so that you will not have to worry about feeding your plants healthy substances.

Organic Gardening -You Can Compost Human Waste!

Whether you are planning to build your very own organic garden, or simply wanting to help turn the environment into a greener one, composting can be considered as a very important part of your life.

Even though you could actually add some materials in which you create compost from directly to the soil, and thus saving some effort and time, the process of composting reduces some issues. For example, it reduces odor, while allowing the nutrients to be absorbed easily by your plants.


Making Your Own Compost

In contrast to what you might have initially thought of, creating your own compost bin is actually simple. A lot of people have already tried it, though some were not really successful. This failure is often as a result of a lack of knowledge, or inconsistency towards maintaining their compost pit, or even using inappropriate substances during the construction.


As your options, you may purchase a plastic compost bin out of a garden store, or create your own container. They are simply to make, though, you need to make them well so that the possibility of issues such as a vermin infestation, or bacteria development, is avoided.

Another option that you actually have is the use of a compost toilet. This means that there is a possibility now, to turn human waste into compost. How?

Composting Toilets – Benefits

Recently, these composting toilets have grown so much popularity. Changing from a flush toilet, going to a composting toilet system inside your home will allow you to help the environment in some ways.

For one, composting toilets create end products which benefits our environment, rather than polluting it. In contrast to using flush toilet systems, the end product created by compost toilets is actually a nutrient filled compost which may be used as a highly valuable amendment for non-edible plants and trees.

Composting toilets can also reduce water wastage. These days, water has become threated in so many ways. While flush toilets flush water away, composting toilets depend on little water when it comes to disposing human waste.

Also, composting toilets may also help in reducing household waste. A lot of compost toilets these days are capable of handling not just human waste, but also others, such as kitchen waste. By giving easy access to home composts, these systems also help in cutting down the overall production of household waste, thus turning them into valuable compost.

Different Types of Composting Toilets

composting toiletsNow that we have already identified the potential benefits of using composting toilets for organic gardening, let’s take a look at the different types of composting toilets.


Self-Contained Composting Toilets

These types of toilets are directly installed in the bathroom. They are also available in electric and non-electric types. The electric units are plugged into a power outlet, connected to a thermostatically controlled element for heating at the unit base.

The composting capacity of this toilet depends on the bio-drum size. The electric units generally have more capacity compared to the non-electric option since they can handle extra warmth, with air movement that can further enhance bacterial activity.

There are several advantages to this type. For one, there is no needed plumbing on your part. Since it is waterless, no water connection or plumbing is necessary. Also, it is economical, since there is no need for you to buy a separate toilet.

Central Composting Toilets

central composting toiletsThis type of system is composed of two pieces, offering the best – a traditional toilet in the bathroom, attached to a central composting unit that is located either in the basement, or out of the building. You can choose between a 1 pint flush, or a waterless system.


Bottom Line

It is now up to you to decide which composting toilet is up to you. These systems that are mentioned are usually for residential use. If you are planning to use one for commercial use, there are also other options that you can take into consideration.

Indeed, now is the time to focus on the importance of organic gardening. By taking advantage of composting toilet systems, there is no doubt that you can help in saving Mother Nature, the best way possible.

How to Use Space Heaters for a GreenHouse Effect

Space HeatersFor those who are not familiar with the term, space heating is a process which uses different types of heating technology with the goal of heating a space, such as a room or house, typically enclosed. A highly effective setup for space heating will make sure that the temperature of a room is kept at a level that is ideal for plants inside a greenhouse.

Understanding Space Heaters

The term that describes space heating is thought generally as the process of heating a small space, which is generally in contrast with the concept of central heating, which ultimately warms several connected spaces at a time. It is also considered that space heating does not involve water heating, unless it is used for a hydroponic heating setup.

Space Heater 2Usually, space heating is associated with the use of smaller heaters, particularly, the portable, or wall-mounted ones. These types of heaters might use propane, or natural gas, though they are electric in most cases. It is usually accepted that electric heaters are relatively safer since the risk of poisoning due to carbon monoxide is removed.

Another possible reason why they are considered as more popular is their affordability, especially during initial setup. It has to be noted, however, that they are quite expensive to operate in the long run, since electricity can actually cost more for every unit compared to energy that is produced by either propane or gas.

Space Heating Options

Space Heater optionsCeramic heating elements have replaced the so-called old-school traditional nichrome wires, as well as fan driven using either a blower or a squirrel cage fan. These options send out the heat more evenly, thus allowing the heater to have a plastic casing, reducing the risk of getting burned, or worse, a fire.

Some of these heaters are referred to as permanent space heaters, since they are usually connected as wall or window units. These types of heaters usually use heat pumps to work. This process usually uses reverse cycle air conditioning system that transfer heat going inside from the outside.

These space heaters may be purchased from different shops, both online and offline. A search on the internet will allow you to choose the best model that can meet your needs and preferences.

Space Heaters and Greenhouses

green houseEven though solar energy provides some heat inside a greenhouse, in certain times within the year, or climates, space heaters are needed in a greenhouse. This is important because most plants successfully thrive after their very specific temperature needs are met.

A temperature that is too cold might kill the plants. On the other hand, a temperature that is too hot will let the plants shrivel from too much heat. As such, maintaining the temperature enough for survival inside the greenhouse is very important.

Space heaters are created in order to ensure that the indoor environment is warm enough, especially on days when the warmth of the sun is not enough. On cloudy days, or even during winter, the sun may not have the capability to warm the entire greenhouse again. Also, a space heater, together with a thermostat, can help in regulating the temperature, making sure that it is kept at a steady level.

space heater insideThese space heaters may also be used even for smaller greenhouses. However, it is very important that they are setup carefully because there is a tendency that fire will start because of it. On the other hand, for bigger greenhouses, forced air space heaters are very effective. With this, a fan is used to blow hot air at a distance that is well suited for even the biggest sized greenhouses.


Analyze Your Actual Needs

When taking into consideration the use of space heaters for a greenhouse effect, make sure that you buy only the right one depending on the amount of heat that your space needs. Keep in mind, also, that too little heat can make your plants suffer, while too much heat may let them shrivel. With the help of space heaters, you can give your plants the right temperature, thus allowing them to grow strong and healthy, so long as they are given with the needed nutrients and moisture.






Heating Our Greenhouses During The Winter

Winter is here! This means that we need to prepare or focus on heating our home, including our greenhouses. Almost everybody is fully aware that things such as wood stoves, old-fashioned fireplaces and outdoor wood boilers are of great help to us.

At times, there are also issues with the quality of air that is often associated with the use of the devices, often as a result to the use of excessive damping air flow and wet fuels. The good news is that, there are a lot of highly efficient, advanced and extremely dependable technologies that can be used for commercial, residential, as well as institutional applications.

Keeping Your Greenhouse Warm

greenhouse warm winterA greenhouse can turn out to be a gardener’s closest friend, especially during fall and winter seasons. They allow us to lengthen the life of our beloved plants. As a matter of fact, even after winter, they still love being inside greenhouses for the next growing season of the succeeding year.

If you already have a greenhouse, or perhaps are planning to get one, there are some very important things that you have to take into consideration as you prepare your greenhouse for use during winter.

Things to Consider

The main consideration that you need to take during winter is your climate locally. Take the time to imagine winters in your area. How cold does it usually get? If you experience going through very harsh winters, filled with ice and snow, using your greenhouse for the entire year may end up very challenging, and not to mention, expensive. If your area only experiences mild winters, considering temperatures at nighttime, at times hitting near freezing point, the extended use of your greenhouse may turn out to be easier.

green house 2Another thing you need to consider is the actual types of plants that you are planning to keep inside your greenhouse during the winter season. What temperature range do those plants need? Generally speaking, you want to take care of plants that have the capacity to tolerate some cool weather. Tropical, warm weather plants, which are extremely sensitive to cold may not thrive well in outdoor greenhouses, especially during the colder, winter months.


After determining the kind of plants that you will be growing, as well as the lowest expected temperature in your area, you are now ready to take into consideration alternative sources of heat for your greenhouse.

Alternative Heat Sources

Keep in mind that daytime temperatures in a greenhouse may reach about 20 to 40 degrees warmer compared to outdoor air. At nighttime, however, the temperature may fall, about the very same temperature as cool night outside air. This is basically the time when you need to provide extra protection to your plants from potential freezing inside your greenhouse.

If the temperature at nighttime dips to the 50 to 60 degree range, and you are growing some hardy plants inside your greenhouse, you may not need to prepare an alternative heat source. An inexpensive, and not to mention, easy, way to give that additional heat is by placing some huge rocks, or buckets of water inside your greenhouse. At daytime, the water and rocks will absorb all the heat from the air. On the other hand, at nighttime, they will radiate back the heat out of the greenhouse.

green house 2However, if you are dealing with colder temperatures at nighttime, you may have to use some smaller electric heaters. Look for one that is designed specifically for greenhouse use. These heaters usually uses smart thermostats, as well as automatic switches which can be programmed. A greenhouse heater is typically designed to operate for a few hours at a certain time, if necessary, without facing troubles with overheating.

Another reminder, if there is accumulation of snow in your area, make sure to remove them as soon as possible. Snow on the sides and roof of your greenhouse may reduce, or eliminate any solar temperature gained at daytime. Also, build-up of snow may also damage your structure. As such, it is also recommended to keep snow off your roof and your structure on a regular basis.

Indeed, gardening through the use of greenhouse is not at all impossible. With some preparations in advance, you can still be successful.

Do Orchids Grow Better With Tap Water or Distilled Water?

water.One of the facts that we have to accept in our moeedern life is that we really do not what is in our water. However, what we do know is that chlorine, which is present in water, is a substance that plants, orchids for instance, hate.

water orchidsAs orchids are confined to their growing medium, they usually do not have a way to get away from water that is tainted with this harmful chemicals. Therefore, as owners, it is very important to feed them water that is as good as the water that we, humans, drink. This means that if we filter our drinking water, we should also do so for our plants.

Which Water to Give?

Watering an OrchidIf you feel that your tap water has too much chlorine, you may either use distilled water, or as an alternative, allow your tap water to sit overnight. This will allow chlorine to escape as gas. By making it a habit to refill your containers, gases will escape slowly, and your water will again be ready when your plants need water.

There are some orchid growers who love collective rainwater to give their plants. Some also use melted snow, which oftentimes contain some traces of micronutrients. However, keep in mind that most plants actually love ‘soft’ water, compared to ‘hard’ water.

Soft water is one that contain really low amounts of magnesium and calcium salts. On the other hand, hard water, which usually flows through mineral rich rock deposits contain higher amounts of the mentioned elements.

What Studies Reveal

Thus, to answer the question, distilled water is way better compared to tap water for growing healthy orchids. A study was conducted in the Department of Plant Sciences in the University of Saskatchewan, highlighting the effects that tap water has on plant growth.

The study shows that tap water only exposes the plants to such harmful substances such as magnesium, salt, and calcium. On the other hand, distilled water is processed after boiling the water to vapor in order to remove impurities, and afterward, recondensing it. Even though distilled water may come at a premium, it is still better for the plants compared to what comes out of a regular kitchen faucet.

Types of Faucet

faucetsSpeaking of faucets where tap water usually comes out from, there are common types that are commonly found at home. Generally speaking, there are four common types of faucets used: ball, disc, cartridge, and compression faucets.


The first three types are those that are considered as washerless faucets. They are called as such because they do not use neoprene or rubber washers. On the other hand, the last one, compression faucet, is the basic washer faucet. You may be using one at home, where you get your water to feed your orchids. Take into consideration that your plants may not like the water that you give them.

Another thing that you can keep in mind is that regardless of the water source, it is very important to make sure that water is stored at room temperature as you give it to your plants. If you end up giving cold water to your orchids, the roots might be chilled, eventually causing them to rot.

Alternative Options

reverse osmosisThere are some ways in which you can turn hard water into soft water. Procedures such as the use of reverse osmosis, or other water softener systems, will help you in creating water that is perfect for your plants.

Orchids are very delicate. They are primarily cultivated as an indoor houseplant. When watering them, softened water should never be used, as this water contains salts which may damage the plants. While chlorinated tap water may be used, it should not be excessive.

orchide wateringOther expert orchid growers also suggest that the best water to give orchid plants is rain or distilled water. Orchids need to be watered at least once a week as it is blooming. The water should evenly drain through the soil, or else water may cause the roots to drown.

Since orchids do not prefer dry air, it is also important to replace your distilled water sitting in the saucer as it starts to evaporate.


Benefits Of Plants In Your SPA Center

plant in spaAdding plants to your spa center is one thing that you need to take into consideration. After all, the benefits, both psychological and physical are backed up with several studies. At the same time, the savings that you can expect are significant enough for you, even though you may be cost conscious.

The Benefits of Plants

plant in spa 2There are several benefits that come into play as you introduce some plants into your spa. For one, it reduces stress. According to a certain study that was conducted in 2010, there were significant reductions of stress in areas where there are plants inside spas.

True, a spa is a place built with the purpose of easing tension among customers. However, there seems to be an additional psychological effect when they see plants inside. This only goes to show that putting plants on your work space offers a huge lift to the spirit of the people inside, thus promoting performance and well-being.

Spa centerThis benefit does not just apply to the actual customers as well. In fact, just like in offices, the presence of plants in spa centers can also increase the productivity of the workers within. Concentration, cognitive tasks, focus, and other things, are all improved, thus improving productivity inside the spa. It also reduces sickness among the staff.

By having plants inside a spa, it also creates a better environment where everybody has to move in. As customers and staff are inside the spa center most of the time, it is very important that everybody should be comfortable. Plants inside the spa does not just improve the surrounding, beautifying it, but it also offers a place that is more welcoming for the clients.

Most importantly, plants offer a cleaner air to breathe. In fact, air quality is expected to be improved inside the spa. The presence of carbon dioxide is reduced, including the presence of bacteria, dust and mold, which would be inhaled by the employees otherwise. There are also some manmade toxins that are created as a result of paint, plastics, and other products, which will be significantly reduced by plants.

Massage Chairs – Health Benefits

massage chairAside from plants, there is another equipment inside the spa that will also provide that comforting effect. For example, massage chairs live up to its purpose, that is, to provide a relaxing massage to those who will sit on them.

Aside from that, there are other benefits that you can expect as well. For one, it should be understood that massage refers to some specialized techniques that are being implemented to manipulate the muscles, skin, ligaments and tendons. Before the introduction of these massage chairs, massage therapists use only their fingers and hands for massage. This offers a wide range of various movements which help in relaxing and soothing tired and aching muscles.

massageMassage chairs offer unprecedented availability and access to comforting massage therapy. It is ready for use 24 hours a day to offer relief. This is a vital point because this means that you can get a massage depending on your need. As such, it can help you deal with stress while managing anxiety at the same time.

Anxiety has become more popular these days as more and more people get engaged with their work harder than ever before. It is also known as a pain management solution. In fact, people who are dealing with chronic pain, like fibromyalgia, where there are no evident cures for the conditions, need these massage chairs for relief.

Still, the most obvious benefit that massage chairs can offer has something to do with offering a higher level of relaxation. A lot of massage chairs these days even come with music players that can help soothe the mind, while relaxing his body. It also helps in providing a relieving, and more thorough massage.

Bottom Line

Spa centers are often regarded as a place that gives a taste of heaven. With the introduction of plants, as well as other relaxing equipment such as massage chairs inside these spas, you can expect a guarantee of ultimate relaxation while spending time inside these spas. The can give you the relaxation benefits that you deserve after spending a long time at work.

Automatic Garden Watering Systems for Orchid Farms

orchid farmsWhat is it with orchid farms that make them extremely admirable? Serenity, greenery and beauty. There are other things that are essential for these orchid farms when preparing the best automatic watering systems. For example, focus should be given on efficiency. For this reason, the use of automatic garden watering systems for orchid farms seem to be the most appropriate solution for this need.

In line with this, there are different options that you can choose from. You can use water softener systems, or reverse osmosis (RO) systems in order to maintain the irrigation of your orchid farm. Let’s take a look at how these systems work.

Water Softener Systems

Water Softener SystemsHard water can turn out to be very harmful to your orchids and is also quite difficult to use. Because of its impurities, it may clog your pipes, which will further create problems within your farm. For this reason, water softener systems are installed by some orchid farmers.

With this system, the above mentioned problems are avoided. Water softener systems replace calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water, putting sodium ions in place. The latter reduces the possibility of pipe blockage, as well as the formation of soap blocks.

The basic process involved with the use of water softener systems is quite simple. The water runs through an installed pipe system that comes with smaller plastic beads. These beads are usually made using zeolite which is basically sodium ions. As water gets in touch with the beads, the calcium and magnesium ions are being replaced with these sodium ions.

Water Softener Systems 2These beads have to be changed periodically since the zeolite eventually wears out. As zeolite wears out, there are no ions that are left on the plastic beads. When this happens, the water filtration system may no longer work, thus water becomes hard once again. At this point, the zeolite or the chemical matrix from the systems has to be regenerated.

If you have lead pipes, it is highly recommended to replace them with simple, ordinary pipes. By using lead pipes with your water softener systems, you may eventually disturb the entire water flow, thus resulting to lead wear out.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

reverse osmosisOthers who are planning to have their own orchid farm shy away from the thought of using a reverse osmosis system as their automatic irrigation solution. This is because they feel that it is as complicated as it sounds. However, simply put, any type of mechanism which uses an external pressure, together with a semi-permeable membrane that can segregate substances of diverse impurities and concentrations can be categorized under reverse osmosis systems.

Reverse osmosis is obviously the opposite of the osmosis system. It works in a different direction, from high to low solute concentration. This membrane keeps the solutes on a side, enabling the purer solvent to freely pass through. Another unique characteristic of reverse osmosis systems is that it uses external force in order to move the solution throughout the membrane.

The main advantage of using reverse osmosis systems in your orchard farm is that you do not have to use chemicals in order to treat water. They also do not cause sedimentation and abrasion in tanks and plumbing. On top of that, they also help in saving money and time as they do not need much power or regular clean-ups.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the type of automatic gardening systems that you will use for your orchid farms, rest assured, it will help in making sure that you maintain your orchids healthily. You no longer have to manually water them, or worry that the type of water that you use is not safe for use on your plants.

Keep in mind, however, that the simpler your system is, the easier it will be to manage in the long run. As such, you need to have a special set of requirements that are reasonable for your orchid farm. At the same time, you also need to keep a tab on all of your expectations out of the system that you will invest on.

With an automatic garden watering system for your orchid farm, the water needs of your plants are addressed accordingly.

5 Benefits Of Plants In The Office – Comfortable Offices

plant in the officeIn their own unexplainable way, plants add a lot of things to an office. For one, it gives a homely touch of home, while adding color at the same time. However, aside from this, there are also some distinct advantages to it, making several businesses decide having them inside.

Let’s look at 5 benefits of having plants in the office:

Increases Productivity

Studies show that productivity is improved inside an environment where there are plants. This particularly is advantageous to offices, as focus, concentration and cognitive tasks are improved. Thus, productivity also increases inside the workplace. Studies also show that fewer mistakes are being made, while tasks are completed even faster. This higher concentration level may be contributed by the ability of the plants to reduce excess presence of carbon dioxide in the air.

Reduces Stress

plant in the office 2By bringing in plants in your office, stress is apparently reduced. This also includes a significant reduction in depression, fatigue, tension and anger among employees. Offices seem more calming and nicer when there are plants. They become more colorful, interesting and relaxing. These effects are not just really psychological, but also visual, as plants allow us to perceive the surroundings even better, feeling more comfortable as a result. You can find the top desk chairs on www.comfyoffices.com

Reduces Absence and Sickness

plant in the office 3With plants inside the office, there have been reports of a reduced absenteeism rate of up to 50%, while minor illnesses are reduced by 30%. A reduction in absence and sickness ultimately translates to better productivity and costs.


A Better Working Environment

plant in the office 4A lot of people will certainly agree that a workplace that has plants becomes a nicer place for employees. Since employees spend most of their time in these places, it is very important that their comfort should be given utmost priority. These office plans will not just improve the office surroundings for these employees, while offering a place that is very welcoming for clients.

Cleaner Air

With the use of plants inside offices, air quality is expected to be improved. Carbon dioxide is significantly reduced, alongside other components in the air, such as bacteria, dust and mold. All of these may be harmful when inhaled by employees. Aside from these natural components in air, there are also other manmade toxins inside an office, with all of them coming as a byproduct of furniture, paint, plastics, carpet cleaning products.

Office Chairs – Choosing the Best

office chairsAside from introducing plants to your office, the selection of office chairs also play a big role when it comes to ensuring comfort inside. You cannot just get any chair for your office, as you definitely need to consider some other factors while choosing.

For individuals who work in office, choosing office chairs that are very comfortable and amazing is definitely advisable. It is very important because it takes away all the stress that you may be experiencing, pretty much giving you the same results that you enjoy by having plants inside your office.

Taking into consideration the basics of the structure of an office chair is very important, including the space that is available in a work station. It is not just enough to pick one that is comfortable, but you also need to select a size that can fit well. Office chairs should let the users sit down, and perform their tasks comfortably, while allowing them to easily switch from one position to a different one.

office chairsA good quality office chair is one with an adjustable armrest. This important part of the chair will support the size and weight of the user. This will also hold the extra weight coming from the back. It should also be on the similar level of the working table so that you can easily rest your elbow as you use your keyboard.

Bottom Line

By having plants inside your office, and choosing the right office chairs, you can expect comfort while you are working. After all, your health, and your convenience should be given priority all the time. Any business organization should consider investing in these good office chairs, while putting some plants inside as this will easily make the lives of employees even better.