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Organic Gardening -You Can Compost Human Waste!

Whether you are planning to build your very own organic garden, or simply wanting to help turn the environment into a greener one, composting can be considered as a very important part of your life.

Even though you could actually add some materials in which you create compost from directly to the soil, and thus saving some effort and time, the process of composting reduces some issues. For example, it reduces odor, while allowing the nutrients to be absorbed easily by your plants.


Making Your Own Compost

In contrast to what you might have initially thought of, creating your own compost bin is actually simple. A lot of people have already tried it, though some were not really successful. This failure is often as a result of a lack of knowledge, or inconsistency towards maintaining their compost pit, or even using inappropriate substances during the construction.


As your options, you may purchase a plastic compost bin out of a garden store, or create your own container. They are simply to make, though, you need to make them well so that the possibility of issues such as a vermin infestation, or bacteria development, is avoided.

Another option that you actually have is the use of a compost toilet. This means that there is a possibility now, to turn human waste into compost. How?

Composting Toilets – Benefits

Recently, these composting toilets have grown so much popularity. Changing from a flush toilet, going to a composting toilet system inside your home will allow you to help the environment in some ways.

For one, composting toilets create end products which benefits our environment, rather than polluting it. In contrast to using flush toilet systems, the end product created by compost toilets is actually a nutrient filled compost which may be used as a highly valuable amendment for non-edible plants and trees.

Composting toilets can also reduce water wastage. These days, water has become threated in so many ways. While flush toilets flush water away, composting toilets depend on little water when it comes to disposing human waste.

Also, composting toilets may also help in reducing household waste. A lot of compost toilets these days are capable of handling not just human waste, but also others, such as kitchen waste. By giving easy access to home composts, these systems also help in cutting down the overall production of household waste, thus turning them into valuable compost.

Different Types of Composting Toilets

composting toiletsNow that we have already identified the potential benefits of using composting toilets for organic gardening, let’s take a look at the different types of composting toilets.


Self-Contained Composting Toilets

These types of toilets are directly installed in the bathroom. They are also available in electric and non-electric types. The electric units are plugged into a power outlet, connected to a thermostatically controlled element for heating at the unit base.

The composting capacity of this toilet depends on the bio-drum size. The electric units generally have more capacity compared to the non-electric option since they can handle extra warmth, with air movement that can further enhance bacterial activity.

There are several advantages to this type. For one, there is no needed plumbing on your part. Since it is waterless, no water connection or plumbing is necessary. Also, it is economical, since there is no need for you to buy a separate toilet.

Central Composting Toilets

central composting toiletsThis type of system is composed of two pieces, offering the best – a traditional toilet in the bathroom, attached to a central composting unit that is located either in the basement, or out of the building. You can choose between a 1 pint flush, or a waterless system.


Bottom Line

It is now up to you to decide which composting toilet is up to you. These systems that are mentioned are usually for residential use. If you are planning to use one for commercial use, there are also other options that you can take into consideration.

Indeed, now is the time to focus on the importance of organic gardening. By taking advantage of composting toilet systems, there is no doubt that you can help in saving Mother Nature, the best way possible.

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