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Heating Our Greenhouses During The Winter

Winter is here! This means that we need to prepare or focus on heating our home, including our greenhouses. Almost everybody is fully aware that things such as wood stoves, old-fashioned fireplaces and outdoor wood boilers are of great help to us.

At times, there are also issues with the quality of air that is often associated with the use of the devices, often as a result to the use of excessive damping air flow and wet fuels. The good news is that, there are a lot of highly efficient, advanced and extremely dependable technologies that can be used for commercial, residential, as well as institutional applications.

Keeping Your Greenhouse Warm

greenhouse warm winterA greenhouse can turn out to be a gardener’s closest friend, especially during fall and winter seasons. They allow us to lengthen the life of our beloved plants. As a matter of fact, even after winter, they still love being inside greenhouses for the next growing season of the succeeding year.

If you already have a greenhouse, or perhaps are planning to get one, there are some very important things that you have to take into consideration as you prepare your greenhouse for use during winter.

Things to Consider

The main consideration that you need to take during winter is your climate locally. Take the time to imagine winters in your area. How cold does it usually get? If you experience going through very harsh winters, filled with ice and snow, using your greenhouse for the entire year may end up very challenging, and not to mention, expensive. If your area only experiences mild winters, considering temperatures at nighttime, at times hitting near freezing point, the extended use of your greenhouse may turn out to be easier.

green house 2Another thing you need to consider is the actual types of plants that you are planning to keep inside your greenhouse during the winter season. What temperature range do those plants need? Generally speaking, you want to take care of plants that have the capacity to tolerate some cool weather. Tropical, warm weather plants, which are extremely sensitive to cold may not thrive well in outdoor greenhouses, especially during the colder, winter months.


After determining the kind of plants that you will be growing, as well as the lowest expected temperature in your area, you are now ready to take into consideration alternative sources of heat for your greenhouse.

Alternative Heat Sources

Keep in mind that daytime temperatures in a greenhouse may reach about 20 to 40 degrees warmer compared to outdoor air. At nighttime, however, the temperature may fall, about the very same temperature as cool night outside air. This is basically the time when you need to provide extra protection to your plants from potential freezing inside your greenhouse.

If the temperature at nighttime dips to the 50 to 60 degree range, and you are growing some hardy plants inside your greenhouse, you may not need to prepare an alternative heat source. An inexpensive, and not to mention, easy, way to give that additional heat is by placing some huge rocks, or buckets of water inside your greenhouse. At daytime, the water and rocks will absorb all the heat from the air. On the other hand, at nighttime, they will radiate back the heat out of the greenhouse.

green house 2However, if you are dealing with colder temperatures at nighttime, you may have to use some smaller electric heaters. Look for one that is designed specifically for greenhouse use. These heaters usually uses smart thermostats, as well as automatic switches which can be programmed. A greenhouse heater is typically designed to operate for a few hours at a certain time, if necessary, without facing troubles with overheating.

Another reminder, if there is accumulation of snow in your area, make sure to remove them as soon as possible. Snow on the sides and roof of your greenhouse may reduce, or eliminate any solar temperature gained at daytime. Also, build-up of snow may also damage your structure. As such, it is also recommended to keep snow off your roof and your structure on a regular basis.

Indeed, gardening through the use of greenhouse is not at all impossible. With some preparations in advance, you can still be successful.

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